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30, October 2020
Association of Technical Market Analysts, BOMBAY STOCK EXCHANGE
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1. Want to become a good trader how can ATMA help me?

  • Association of Technical Market Analysts is a professional body of Technical Analysts in India focusing on continued professional education and code of conduct.
  • ATMA is formed to spread awareness about the use and application of Technical Analysis amongst the public and investment community in India and to facilitate free and fair exchange of ideas and wisdom in the field for whoever is interested.
  • The main objective of the Association is to promote and educate the public about the use of Technical Analysis in making sound investment decisions.
  • The Association holds regular meetings, at least once every month, providing a platform for recognized financial analysts and the learners to come together and discuss the new developments in the field, upgrading their own knowledge through exchange of information, materials and ideas.
  • The discussion forums the ATMA network of recognized and committed market professionals will all be available at no additional costs, save for the annual society dues to all registered and approved members. These are powerful resources for learning from the experience, skills and mutual sharing of experienced Technical Analysts and market personages.
  • There are several other benifits for members of ATMA. You can visit the following page to know about benefits: Membership Benefits
  • Thus, to become a trader ATMA can facilitate massive resources and information which can help you to enhance your knowledge and invest wisely.

3. What are the Benefits of joining ATMA?

  • ATMA conducts monthly meetings and weekly seminars where members learn, share and discuss their knowledge about market. The speakers are either CMT holders or have years of market experience.
  • Apart from the meetings, ATMA also has discussion forums where members can discuss on daily basis. Live chat with experts of technical analysis, members can solve their query.
  • In addition we have world’s first E-library, where one has an access to top books useful for Technical analysis.
  • Kindly visit the below link to know about benefits of being a member in detail:   

4. How to become a member of ATMA?, Can you give me bank details?

To become a member of ATMA you need to visit our website, www.Atma.ac and click on Apply for Membership. Kindly follow the procedure and fill in the details.

You can opt for online as well as offline payment for membership

The membership charge which includes Annual Dues plus one-time non-refundable application fee plus taxes as applicable.

  • Bank Account Name: Association of Technical Market Analysts
  • Bank Account Number:041501001232
  • IFSC Code:ICIC0000415
  • Bank Name:ICICI Bank
  • Type of Account: Savings Account
  • Bank Branch:Bombay Samachar Marg, Fort Branch, Mumbai
  • Address:Branch Address: Sir Vithal Das Thakersay Trust Building, Samachar Marg, Near Stock Exchange, Fort- 400001

Here is the link you can visit to know about membership: Membership Types

5. Please elaborate on ATMA membership details:

1. ATMA Affiliate Member Status

Affiliate status is available to anyone who is interested in learning technical analysis or wishes to take advantage of the various benefits of joining ATMA while pursuing to learn Technical Analysis. ATMA Affiliate Member Status - Rs. 6,325/- (including taxes)

2. ATMA Student Affiliate Member

Student Member status is for those who are enrolled as full-time students at accredited two to four year University or College Degree/Diploma programs and have a genuine interest in the field of technical analysis and in the Association. ATMA Student Affiliate Member - Rs. 3,435/- (including taxes)

3. ATMA Academic Affiliate Member

Academic Affiliate Member Status is for those who are teaching at full-time accredited two to four year University or College Degree / Diploma programs and have a genuine interest in the field of Technical Analysis and in the Association. ATMA Academic Affiliate Member - Rs. 3,435/- (including taxes)

4. ATMA Member Status

An applicant for Member Status must have been gainfully employed in a professional analytical or investment management capacity for a minimum period of five (5) years and must be regularly engaged in this capacity at the time of application. ATMA Member Status - Rs. 6,278/- (including taxes)

7. How do I access E-library?

To access our E-library, you need to become our member. Once you become our member, you will receive a PIN number which you will need while accessing it. All you need is an e-mail id as your user id and PIN number to access our E-library.

8. Do you have office in any of the city where you conduct Seminars/monthly meet-up?

We do have our Chapters in cities like Ahmadabad, Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata, Jaipur, Rajasthan, Indore and Delhi, but there is no dedicated office in these cities. All the proceedings are done from Head office which is located in Mumbai itself. Our chapter heads arrange all meet-up’s and inform members regarding the upcoming events and activities happening in their vicinity.

9. What is the procedure to redeem reward points?

To redeem your points minimum numbers of points to be collected are 9000. Once you have collected those, you can go to featured catalog which is a product gateway. There you can select a product and redeem your reward. Once you have redeemed, our team will get in touch with you and guide you to avail the reward.

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