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ATMA Mumbai Meetings
DateMeetingTopicSpeakerPreview VideoFull Video
19/02/2011 5th Pairs Trading - Indian Equities Mr. Krishna Yogi

12/03/2011 6th The Elliot Wave Principle Mr. Rizwan Khan

02/04/2011 7th Our Mind - The Perfect Indicator for the Markets Dr. Shrirang Joshi

23/04/2011 8th Momentum: New insights into the key to market momentum Mr. Vishal B Malkan

21/05/2011 9th Use of Oscillators for Judging Tops and Bottoms Dr. Bhooshan Shanbhag

25/06/2011 10th Behavior of Stocks, Bonds & Commodities in Business Cycle Mr. Hemant Kale

20/08/2011 12th Trading Set Ups Using RSI in conjunction with few other leading and lagging indicator. Mr. Hitendra Vasudeo

17/09/2011 13th Algorithmic Trading Mr. Manish Jalan

22/09/2011 14th Point and Figure Charting Mr. Jeremy Du Plessis

26/11/2011 15th Learn Automated Technical Analysis based Trading Mr. Sanjay Das

07/01/2012 16th Economic cycles and their confluence with Elliott wave analysis Mr. Rohit Srivastava

10/03/2012 18th Trading the Setups Mr. Prakash Gaba

21/04/2012 19th Confirmation of Trends & Targets with Sequential Charting Dr. Pravin Mokashi

26/05/2012 20th Trend-Following with Time Neutral Charts Mr. Vishal B. Malkan

28/07/2012 22nd Trading Time CYCLES Mr. Mukul Pal

06/10/2012 23rd Technical Research at Fidelity: Behind the Scenes Mr. David Keller

06/10/2012 25th Technical Research at Fidelity: Behind the Scenes David Keller

06/10/2012 26th Sensex v/s Dow Jones Mr. Nooresh Merani

12/01/2013 27th Art of War & Technical Analysis & Global Technical Outlook – 2013 Mr. Sushil Kedia and Mr. Barry Sine

16/03/2013 29th Amplifying Technical’s using Econometrics Mr. Shubham Agarwal

27/04/2013 30th Use of Options with Technicals, Trade Management & Market Psychology Mr. Parag Doctor

25/05/2013 31rst Trading farm commodities Mr. Vijay L Bhambwani

27/07/2013 32nd Trade the Markets Point & Figure way Mr. Prashant Shah

31/08/2013 33rd Combining Channels, RSI and Advanced Elliott Wave concepts Mr. Ashish Kyal

28/09/2013 34th Insight on Chart Pattern Analysis Mr. Rajeev Darji

26/10/2013 35th USD/INR - Outlook Mr. Venkat Thiagarajan, Sr. VP - Head Forex Treasury

16/11/2013 36th Position sizing Trade Management and the Kondratieff cycle Mr. Rohit Srivastava

01/02/2014 37th Understanding Long term charts of Select stocks Mr. Mitesh Thacker

01/03/2014 38th Power Trading with ADX Mrs. Meghana V Malkan

26/04/2014 39th Building a low risk high reward Trading System: The Trend Breakout System Mr. Subhadip Nandy

31/05/2014 40th Multi Time Frame Analysis powered by the concept of Relative Strength (not RSI) Mr. Hitendra Vasudeo

26/06/2014 41rst Trading with Elliott waves Dr. Shrirang Joshi

19/07/2014 42nd Behavioral Finance and its application and effects in the current scenario Mr. Parag Parikh

23/08/2014 43rd Structuring Technical Analysis to work for you DR C K NARAYAN

20/09/2014 44th Trading for a Living Mr. Atul Suri

18/10/2014 45th The Games Promoters Play - In the market as well as in the financial accounts Mr. Ambareesh Baliga

31/01/2015 46th Two State Confirmation Techniques and Advanced Elliot Waves Mr. Ashish Kyal

21/02/2015 47th Advanced Options Strategy using the framework of Technical Analysis Mr. Manish Jalan

21/03/2015 48th Wolf Wave: The One Strategy which you can never miss. Mr. Hemant Kale

18/04/2015 49th Algorithm Trading: Practical Aspects Ms. Akanksha Garg

30/05/2015 51st Harmonic Trading Patterns Mr. Ankur Lakhotia

25/07/2015 53rd Option strategies for the defensive trader Mr. Mithil Pradhan

17/09/2015 55th Auction Market Theory Mr. Rishi Umrania

21/11/2015 56th New Prespectives in Technical Analysis Mr. Vivek Patil

12/12/2015 57th The Machine Way to Technical Analysis Mr. Shubham Agarwal

23/01/2016 58th Multi Time Frame Trend/ Momentum Seeking Approach Mr. Hitendra Vasudeo

13/02/2016 59th Films and Trading' Mr. Mahesh Bhagwat

21/05/2016 60th DPB and NEoWave Analysis' Dr. Imran Shaikh

11/06/2016 61st Identifying Short Term Momentum for generating Consistent Returns' Mr. Sandeep Wagle

11/06/2016 62nd Turning Technical Analysis into profits' Dr. Bhooshan Shanbhag

24/09/2016 63rd An Insight into Neo Wave- Advanced Elliot Wave Method' Mr. Ashish Kyal

26/10/2016 64th Identifying Long Term Stocks with Ichimoku' Mr. Anil Padia

10/12/2016 65th Technical Analysis is not just about Trading' Mr. Nooresh Merani

28/01/2017 66th 'India's Kondratieff Cycle and the Stock Market, an Elliottician's perspective' Mr. Rohit Srivastava

18/03/2017 67th 'What is the 'Magic Formula' of a successful trader' Mr. Hemant Kale

8/04/2017 68th 'NEO Wave Forecasting '2017-18' Mr.Imran Shaikh

6/05/2017 69th Technological Disruption To Opportunity Mr. Shubham Agarwal

17/06/2017 70th Building robust trading strategy: from chart and non-chart based theory to practice Mr. Manish Jalan

5/08/2017 71st The best of Point & Figure Mr. Prashant Shah

9/09/2017 72nd Research Methodology for Devising, Testing & Confirming Technical Strategies Dr. Pravin Mokashi

7/10/2017 73rd Timing Markets the Harmonic Way Mr. Brijesh Bhatia

16/12/2017 74th 'ICHIMOKU Kinko Hyo Simplified' Mr. Anil Padia

20/01/2018 75th " Extracting the power of Elliott Wave Method with Trend Following Mr. Ashish Kyal

31/03/2018 76th Calibration of Options Trading with Technical Analysis Mr. Shubham Agarwal


ATMA Delhi Meetings
DateMeetingTopicSpeakerPreview VideoFull Video
23/10/2010 1st Inauguration of Northern India Regional Council Chapter of ATMA & MTA -

30/07/2011 3rd Elliott wave trading system that works on Money management Dr. Sanjay Kumar Sinha

27/08/2011 4th Scientific Logic behind Forecasting Mr. Rishi Mehra

24/09/2011 5th Dow Theory and its application to Trading Strategies Mr. Salil Sharma

6/11/2011 6th RSI Power-Tools: Innovations & Breakthroughs Mr. D. PRASAD

25/12/2011 7th Algorithmic Trading: The next step in Technical Analysis Mr. Raminder Singh

21/1/2012 8th Introduction to W.D. Gann Techniques & Methods For Analyzing Markets Mr. Shyamal Ranjan Sinha

25/02/2012 9th To Master the Market, Master Yourself Mr. Gaurav Arora

24/03/2012 10th Technical Analysis for different time frame Mr. Tanmay G Purohit

21/04/2012 11th Illusions in Financial Markets Mr. Ananth Acharya

27/05/2012 12th Finding Opportunities using Cycles and Rankings as a Guiding Light Mr. Mukul Pal

23/06/2012 13th "Learn Day trading techniques using moving average, retracements and volatility" Mr. Sunil Minglani

28/07/2012 14th “Practical Applications of Candlesticks” Mr. D Prasad

25/08/2012 15th “Introduction to Quantitative Trading” Mr. Kora Reddy

29/09/2012 16th “Learn Long/Short Trading Using Technical Analysis” Mr. Kunal Saraogi

24/11/2012 17th “Investment Psychology / Crowd Behavior and Effect of Interest rates on the Economy & Stock Market ” Mr. Varun Malhotra

22/12/2012 18th “Profit from Trends” Mr. Rajan Bhatia

19/01/2013 19th “Ride the Trend - Combining Elliott with Mechanical Indicators and Market Outlook-Roadmap” Dr. Sanjay Sinha

23/03/2013 20th “Rule based Trading” Mr. Bharat Chugh

22/06/2013 21st “Trading in direction of the trend” Mr. Sachin Aggarwal

28/09/2013 22nd "The active money management system" Mr.Mukul Pal

26/10/2013 23rd " High leverage, Low Risk , High return and Low Stress " Mr. Ajay Aggarwal

17/11/2013 24th "Trade your plan in all seasons" Dr. Sanjay Sinha

19/01/2014 25th "Conquer 2014 through the lenses of Technical Analysis!" Mr. Sunil Minglani

29/03/2015 26th "Lessons from the Masters - Learning from successful traders" Mr. Kunal Saraogi

26/04/2014 27th "W D Gann Square of 9 for Indian Market" Mr. Nilesh Sarda

31/05/2014 28th "Designing, Testing and Automating Trading Systems" Mr. Anuraag Saboo

26/07/2014 29th "Trailer of the New Bull Market" Mr.Sunil Miglani

31/08/2014 30th "Elliot& Fibonacci – Understanding The Eternal Relationship" Dr. Sanjay Sinha

2/11/2014 31st “Stock Markets, Charts and Profit Making” Mr. Sachin Agarwal

31/01/2015 32nd “Elliott Wave – How to Forecast the Critical Moves” Dr.Sanjay Sinha

1/03/2015 33rd “Evaluating Long Term Outperformance” Mr.Kunal Saraogi

21/03/2015 34th “Relative Strength Analysis: Profitable Trading by capturing the biggest trends” Mr.Anshuman Chatterjee

30/05/2015 35th “Trading through Candlesticks and Parabolic Sar” Mr.Puneet Grover

27/06/2015 36th “Options Strategies & Their Behaviour” Mr. Amit Anand

1/08/2015 37th “Money Management and Trade Management” Mr. Raj Bardhan

19/09/2015 38th “Trading Elliot with Gartley patterns” Mr. Abhay Mehrohtra

19/12/2015 39th “Road Ahead - Equity, Commodity, Currency and International Markets” Mr. Sunil Minglani

16/01/2016 40th “Elliott Beyond Wave Count-Essential Tools supporting the Analysis” Dr. Sanjay Sinha

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