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18, April 2021
Association of Technical Market Analysts, BOMBAY STOCK EXCHANGE
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  • The ATMA comprising of its employees and volunteer office-bearers / Trustees etc. is distinct from its constituent members and is not responsible for settling grievances against any of its members, in any form
  • The Code of Ethics that all members of the ATMA are required to adhere to is the limiting provision wherein upon specific written complaints (including by email) the ATMA holds sole discretion in the evaluation and disposal of the complaints to the extent of the provisions applicable to its members only in the maintenance of their memberships.
  • Any specific grievances arising against any specific members of the ATMA either through the usage of this website or otherwise is a matter between a concerned party and the said member and not the prerogative of the ATMA to obtain damages, repairs or restitution for the aggrieved party / “visitors” who are advised to be approaching independent course of law.
  • The goals and activities of the ATMA are purely educational. Any concepts, ideas, techniques, views that may be expressed by whosoever within various features of the website such as the Newsletter, Webcasts, articles, write-ups, discussion forums and any and all content is not a solicitation or recommendation to buy, sell or undertake any investment or trading action. "Visitors" to the website may apply their own discretion in evaluating, understanding, testing and developing their own thoughts and actions and the ATMA or any of its constituents will not be responsible for accuracy, effectiveness or profitability of any actions that anyone may undertake based upon any ideas etc. that anyone may obtain from this website or any of the other ATMA communications.
  • Neither ATMA recommends nor vets any products, concepts, ideas, thoughts that may be communicated from this website by way of contributed articles, videos, advertisements, reviews or any such forms of communication.
  • Continuation of any services, features or facilities on this website is not guaranteed. Disruptions or total abandonments of any features due to technological, economical, members' tastes & preferences, regulatory, compliance or any and all other factors is possible at any time. Visitors, whether members of the ATMA or seeking to be members of the ATMA or any other general visitors may use any of the features, services, facilities of this site keeping in mind other factors and shall have no rights at law or otherwise to seek damages, penalties or compensations of any kind whatsoever.

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