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20, April 2021
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Career Development Center


What is the Career Development Center?

ATMA CDC page is a service portal been exclusively made available for members in order to benefit them for enhancing and growing credibility in their career. It’s a new service which provides timely useful resources to members. ATMA does not provide recruitment as a service but, this forum will definitely assist with useful resources needed to give them every possible opportunity to advance in their careers.

CDC Mission Statement: 

With the resources been meticulously and timely assembled, we aim to enhance employment prospects of our members and affiliates in the field of Technical Analysis.


Job enhancement tools

This section has all the basic resources which are needed by a person to begin his job search. From resume and cover letter writing, from interview basics to rectifying the common mistakes which one makes. This section will assist in enhancing and fortifying ones job search.

Empowering personal skills for professional excellence: 

To achieve professional excellence it is vital to enhance personal skills first. This section lists requisites aimed towards teaching you how to appropriately market yourself, maximize and improve your personal skills, growing relevance of social media, and other related topics

  • Why is listening important?
  • How Social Media is helping to build a brand
  • Habits of Successful people


    Career Development Tools 


    This section will help you to outdo in your role at your current company. The resources listed in this section will help you to enhance your skills as a good employee and ensure longevity in your current company.

  • How to impress your boss
  • Traits to delegate effectively
  • How to resign professionally
  • How to grow in career
  • ATMA job board: 

    The ATMA Job Board hosts a listing of industry-related job postings. These postings are not for the ATMA as an organization but rather are a collection of jobs given to us by affiliate companies. Though if need be and ATMA as an organization has an opening then the same will be intimated accordingly.

    Multimedia Resources: 

    This section consists of our monthly E-newsletters and weekly conducted webinars to help you in strengthening your knowledge and building your career.

    Career Development Bookshelf : 

    ATMA gives member restricted access to E-library and Physical Library. Physical library gives access to Technical analysis genre whereas E-library does have career development oriented books like:

    Ideal Social media platforms: 

    Networking is the crux of forming strong business presence. Creating profiles on these social networking platforms must be at apex priority. These networking sites might come up with opportunities which were least expected.

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