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20, April 2021
Association of Technical Market Analysts, BOMBAY STOCK EXCHANGE
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Expand your Technical Analysis expertise.
Connect & network with recognized experts

Why become ATMA Member?

Change is the only constant, in every human enterprise and particularly in the markets. In such a robust growth environment, markets continue to abandon clichéd ideas and they keep embracing new tools and techniques. Is catching up enough for your aspirations? Would you not care to be at the cutting edge of the evolving future?

For professional as well as aspiring Technical Analysts in the Indian Markets that are increasingly leading the global markets and not just being lead by them any longer, its obvious that a platform for arranging fair exchange of learning and teaching is a must. The Association of Technical Market Analysts provides its membership with such an environment. The ATMA membership has the finest opportunity to learn, interact and network with not only the best Technical Analysts, Traders, Investment Managers and Market Players. The ATMA is a registered Indian society that is soon formalizing a close affiliation with the oldest and the most successful Association of Technical Analysts in this world.

Benefits of Having a Membership

  • Knowledge Base: Interactive, flexible, and dynamic repository of key Technical Analysis (TA) information.
  • Educational Web Series: The current goals are to provide At least 3 live webcasts per month, which are also archived for future reference. Podcasts, that would feature known global Technical Analyst Practitioners in interviews will be numerous and archived too.
  • Chart of the Week: Key assets, contracts, patterns holding the potential to alter the moves of the world's markets, A weekly feature by one of the leading Technical thinker of our times.
  • Crossfire: Open discussion forums for members to share their thoughts and opinions on relevent topics ranging from the esoteric to the routine in Market Analytics, resources for books, softwares, materials, even food reviews, trading systems, risk management: expect to find meals for a lifetime here and not just a treat for a day.
  • ATMASphere: Monthly Newsletter that contains articles, book reviews, interviews, and much more written by members and professionals from all over the world.
  • Web access: Members' area privileges will include but will not be limited to Educational videos, audio interviews, written materials, Members' Directory, varied Member Benefits from partner vendors, access previous Association Educational Meetings, archives of the Newsletter and other valuable reading material, seminar presentations, and much more.
  • Educational Meetings for Members: Educational Meetings will be available at very affordable prices. Meet with the best names in the profession, rise to the debates, learn and contribute, network and grow.
  • Seminars: There are definite plans for offering very valuable discounts to Members at seminars and conferences featuring some of the best leaders and International Speakers in the field of Technical Analysis, Trading, Risk Management, System Building, etc. etc.!
  • Library: In partnership with the Bombay Stock Exchange, a collection of valuable books, research materials and manuscripts is going to be continuously grown with a focus on our area of specific interest -- Technical Analysis.
  • E-Library: The R.N.Elliot ATMA E-Library for Technical Analysis is the first E-Library in India and the first of its kind in the Field of Technical Analysis. Get books on Technical Analysis, Trading Strategies, Quantitative Finance, Investment Psychology, Behavioral Finance & lots more. The E-library also boasts of valuable Technical Analysis Journals, Research Papers.
  • ATMA Charts: Technical Analysis platform that runs directly from within the ATMA website on any computer you use to log in to the website,  with price feeds covering Indian equities and other key contracts is available, for members only. More than 90 indicators that you specify configurations for, write your own custom indicators and go down to intraday charts minute by minute on top of the End of Day charts. Yes, knowledge should only have the barrier of seperating those make the effort for it and those who do not. That's all !
  • Job Board: File up a search-able resume for prospective employers to find you; search for candidates you may wish to hire; a career spring-board for Technical Analysts that is going to be grown richer and powerful over course.
  • Networking: The key attribute of successful professionals and a great way of learning the practical side of any profession is taken to a higher level in the ATMA way of things. Straight from the members' lounge upon login access advanced networking tools that can connect you with existing networks and let you build your own network of ATMA members. Stretching to many innovative features continuously, this facility can allow you many novel things including posting your own comments on the ATMA network to upto twenty other popular social networking sites such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter etc. etc. at the flick of just one command button! Oh yes, you can very well chat live with other ATMA members as well.

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