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18, April 2021
Association of Technical Market Analysts, BOMBAY STOCK EXCHANGE
Integrity • Intellect • Inspiration
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Integrity . Intellect . Inspiration

The Association of Technical Market Analysts chose its name such that, in short, its acronym is the ATMA. In Indian vernaculars, the word ATMA stands for the soul or the self. We have chosen a vision that much draws on the essence of our name. Like the indestructible soul, our cherished values and the vision we draw where-from have stood the test of chronicled and unchronicled times.

When markets produce the same series of prices and facts for all participants, the difference in performances brings about a thought-process in motion if individual decision-makers are not competing to make profits off the markets, but are making their living off themselves. History and the Collective Future is the same for all together, yet individual performances so unique and different.

This individuality and this uniqueness that each human being carries is the cornerstone of a philosophy that unless the self or the individual is equipped with the appropriate apparatus to handle themselves adequately the standards of conduct and the objectives of the market place can be met only partially.

Integrity of the self is the beginning step on a long journey to over-coming primordial instincts at emotive responses to market triggers.

Desire at placing one's interests only after undertaking to fulfill the explicit and implicit commitments to one's clients, one's employer's clients, one's employers and after ensuring that one's actions or lack of the same only adds to helping raise the standards of conduct of the market-place, fellow professionals can move on the path of seeking stable achievements.

Information that leads to classification provides us with the data. Data, when organized through structures of cognition, lead to intellect. Decision-making based on the popular opinion, hearsay, propaganda, the so-called expert-opinion is clearly sub-optimal. The ATMA vision is to empower everyone interested in the field of Financial Technical Analysis with Intellect.

An effort without vision is a mere expenditure of resources and a vision without commensurate effort is a mere expenditure of imagination. To be inspired and to be able to inspire all Professionals and keen learners is thus at the center of our philosophy to achieve our objectives. While perspiration is 99%, the masterstroke that leads to chosen goals and results is nothing else but, Inspiration.

The cornerstones of "Integrity, Intellect, Inspiration" to us are the 3 eyes to see through the self that come before any single I. Even though the self is the key building block of all social enterprises including relationships and transactions, this perspective, we believe will empower us always to rise above the parochial instincts that competitive pursuits like markets can often provoke. Thus, the indestructible self, the ATMA envisions at bringing about its mission to fruition.

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