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3, March 2021
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N. Ramakrishnan


Mr. N.Ramakrishnan (or Ramki as the financial markets know him) has been practicing Elliott Wave analysis for three decades. He is one of the most widely followed wave analysts in the world. His technical commentary has a global following that includes leading money-center banks, Central Banks, fund managers and corporate treasurers. Ramki continues to provide advice on a variety of markets including fixed income, commodities, stocks and indices.

Ramki has written a book on Elliott Wave Analysis “Five Waves to Financial Freedom” that has been receiving excellent reviews on Amazon, and is ranked among the best sellers. He is a regular contributing writer on Seeking Alpha, Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch and Forbes (which mentioned him as one of the three best Elliott Wave analysts). Ramki’s official website is at www.wavetimes.com and he also writes a blog.

Ramki is an eminently qualified international banker and treasurer. In addition to degrees in Economics and Management, he also holds the CAIIB qualification from the Indian Institute of Bankers. Additionally, he was the world-wide topper in the International Banking examinations conducted by the Chartered Institute of Bankers in London, getting special mentions in London Times, Economic Times, and other reputed financial journals. He is also the winner of the Lombard Association Prize for his paper on Finance of International Trade. Ramki has also acquired the prestigious ACT professional treasury management qualifications from the Association of Corporate Treasurers, London.

He is quoted on the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and other media, including Bloomberg, Reuters and Telerate. Ramki’s thinking is regularly sought by leading hedge fund managers, traders, investment advisors, corporate treasurers and high net worth individuals from around the world.

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